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Whether you want to limit certain areas of a commercial building to specific employees, monitor movement or you simply just want to improve the security of your residential building or hotel with keyless entry, you can always rely on SPL Ballina’s trusted industry reputation in electronic security solutions.

An access control point, also known as keyless entry, is a door, gate, turnstile, elevator, or other physical barrier where access is controlled by an electronic locking device instead of by a manual key.

In order to gain entry, the user must present the appropriate credential – usually a card, key fob or a numerical code, and in some cases a finger print (known as biometric). The key card is presented to the proximity reader, or the code is entered and access is granted to the building or area.

Door access control systems are popular in a wide variety of industries including banking, hotels, government, healthcare and retail outlets and residential highrise buildings. SPL are a trusted name in electronic door security and are favoured by businesses across Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

SPL access control systems cater for every type of commercial property from residential complexes through to hotels, government buildings, banks and high security areas. We have a highly regarded reputation for the design, installation and maintenance of keyless entry systems which is reflected by our involvement in some of the country’s biggest projects. Find out more about our project involvement here.

Having a keyless entry system installed at your business not only increases the security of your building and your staff, but it also offers the following other benefits:


Thanks to electronic locking systems, key worries are a thing of the past. Eliminate the inconvenience of carrying bunches of keys, and losing or breaking them, by issuing employees with one card or code that grants them access to various areas of a building.

Cost Effective

Why spend money having locks changed when an employee leaves on bad terms? why spend money replacing keys when an employee loses theirs?  Once your system is installed, you no longer have those constant key costs. Being able to grant or remove access to an area through an electronic key card or by changing a numerical code is way more cost effective.

Restrict Specific Areas

In most businesses, employees aren’t given access to every office and floor i.e. the HR department might have sensitive documents and information that shouldn’t be available to all employees. Access control systems allows you to control exactly who goes where through individual settings.

Track Employee Activity and Improve Accountability

If you have a large number of employees coming and going from your building, reception staff and management may not always recognise every face. Door access control helps identify impostors and only allows authorised personnel access to the building.

Keyless entry also allows management to track what time staff are entering and exiting the building. Often, when employees know their key access activities are being tracked, the tendency to adhere to policies and practices is generally improved.

Comprehensive End User Management Software

In most instances and End User Management software package can be installed, allowing access control credentials and permissions to be easily managed by the appropriate staff. Along with the software comes the ability lock and unlock doors, floors and security areas with a simple click of the mouse, providing full security control at your fingertips.

Enhanced Security

With an access control system, you no longer have to worry about keys being copied and the security of your property being compromised. Even with the latest technologies, it is almost impossible to copy a key card from an SPL access control system.

Theft is a common issue experienced in the hospitality industry, whether it be staff taking stock or guests entering off-limit areas. With keyless entry you can ensure that the only correct people are entering the correct areas.

Streamline Workflow

Access control systems eliminate the manual and time consuming procedure involved with signing out and returning guest keys. The check-in and check-out procedure are streamlined and become more efficient for both the guest and the employer when a key card system is in use.

Cost Effective

The replacement cost of a key card is less expensive than the cost of replacing a manual key. With a lost metal key, you have to assume that the privacy of the room or property is compromised. That means paying for a new lock for every lost key. Key cards can be programmed so that access is only granted for a certain period of time meaning you don’t have to worry if a guest doesn’t return theirs. It is also very simple to remove a card from your system should this be what is needed.

In most cases, yes. Whether you own an office complex or a hotel, having an access control system can most definitely assist in reducing the amount you pay to your insurance company.

All of the keyless entry systems and electronic security equipment that SPL Ballina supply, fit and upgrade are fully compliant with business insurance requirements and with Australian Standards. 

For specific details, please check with your insurance policy provider.

It is becoming increasingly common to see access control systems installed in residential apartment buildings, and it is also becoming popular to see them installed in people’s houses.

Carrying large bunches of keys, and paying to replace the keys your children lose is fast becoming a thing of the past. SPL Ballina have a huge selection of access control systems designed for residential properties. 

Yes. We have an impressive team of highly trained electronics technicians who have masses of experience in designing and installing high-end systems in both residential and commercial buildings. Alternatively, you can purchase a system from us and arrange for it to be installed by an external provider.

Yes. SPL Ballina’s electronics technicians can assess your old system and upgrade it to bring it inline with the very latest security trends.

Yes. We recommend that all keyless entry systems should be maintained in order to guarantee their functionality and to maximise security. Whether you have purchased your system from SPL Ballina or from an external provider, we have a range of maintenance packages available for residential and commercial customers.

Call us today for an informal chat and find out how access control can maximise the security of your premises:  (02) 6686 7675.

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