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When you invest in an alarm system from SPL Ballina, you are investing in three decades of innovative security experience. Whether you are looking at a traditional home security system, or a more complex system for your business premises or holiday home, you can trust the reputation that our name continues to carry.

An alarm system, also known as a burglar alarm or an intruder alarm, is an electrical system designed to detect unauthorised entry of a premises using motion sensors. They can also indicate when a door or window has been opened and are commonly used in residential, commercial and industrial properties for protection against theft and damage, as well as for personal protection against unwanted intruders.

Some alarm systems serve a single purpose of burglary protection but many can also be combined with CCTV systems to record the activities of the unwanted visitor.  They also may interface to access control systems for electronically locked doors in office blocks and residential buildings.

SPL Ballina alarm systems come wired or wireless and range from small devices that sound a simple but effective alarm, to complicated systems with computer monitoring and control.

A house is often the most valuable item a person owns, and unfortunately burglaries do happen. By having a home security system installed you are heavily reducing your chances of being a victim. An alarm system is truly one of the very best deterrents you can have installed – just seeing the visual element of the alarm system can be enough to put the burglar off targeting your property!

The presence of an alarm system also provides family with peace of mind knowing that their home, their possessions and their loved ones are protected from a range of potentially devastating scenarios.  If a home owner is elderly, has problems with mobility or is frequently at home alone, this peace of mind is priceless.

You can choose exactly which rooms or areas of your home you want to protect through the programming of zones – there’s no need to worry about your pets setting off the alarm during the night or whilst you’re at work! You can also choose to have your alarm system monitored so that the minute the alarm sounds, somebody will come out to your property to assist you.

SPL alarm systems can be customised to include add-ons such as smoke and heat detectors, break glass sensors and much more. They can also be connected to smart home automation security systems controlled by a smartphone or tablet, giving you the ability to control your system even when you’re not at home!

Whether you’re going away on holiday, or simply turning the lights out at night, an SPL home security system can offer complete peace of mind, protecting both your belongings and most importantly, your family.

Over the past 30 years we have helped some of the biggest names in business across South East Queensland protect their premises with our innovative alarm systems. The SPL staff policy of continual learning ensures that we’re always ahead of the game with the latest commercial security technologies.

A vital part of your businesses operational strategy should be the security of your premises, with an alarm system being step one. Not only will it protect your building from theft and damage, but it also offers additional safety for your employees.

If the worst should happen and your business experiences a break-in or a fire, then an alarm is often the quickest way to find out about it. Alarm systems are highly reliable due to not being open to human error that you may experience when using security guards. The motions of an intruder are picked up through a highly sensitive sensor and do not rely on the human eye.

SPL alarm systems can be customised to include add-ons such as smoke and heat detectors, break glass sensors and much more. They can also be connected to smart automation security systems controlled by a smartphone or tablet, giving you the ability to control your system even when you’re away from your business premises. 

If you opt for a commercial monitored alarm system, you can rest assured that a security specialist will be dispatched to the premises the minute the alarm sounds.

Whether you’re a retail outlet, a restaurant, a hotel, a large office complex or you operate from an office within your own home, SPL Ballina can design and install a range of systems to meet and succeed your security requirements.

Absolutely! More often that not, multiple people will have access to your holiday home from the client, through to tradesmen and cleaners so keeping track of who is entering your property can become difficult. Also, If the property is left vacant for long periods of time then it makes perfect sense to protect your investment with an alarm system so you can identify and eliminate unauthorised access. With the capabilities of smart technology, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home regardless of where in the world you live. 

SPL Ballina have a well-known presence within the Byron Bay, Gold Coast and Brisbane tourism industry for providing second-to-none electronic security solutions, and our experts are always on-hand to advise you of the best solutions for your investment property.

Yes. Whether you are a home owner or a business owner, having an alarm system installed at your property can most definitely help in reducing the premiums you pay to your insurance company.

All of the alarm systems and electronic security equipment that SPL Ballina supply, fit, upgrade and maintain are fully compliant with residential and business insurance requirements and with Australian Standards.  

For specific details, please check with your insurance policy provider.

Wireless alarm systems use battery powered sensors that communicate with a control panel through radio signals.

Generally, they are more pleasing on the eye, they are easier to install and you can easily add and remove additional sensors. Removing the system is much easier when you move house or business premises, or even if you just need to paint the walls. However, they are more expensive to buy and require batteries for all components which can become expensive. If batteries are left to run low, the responsiveness can decrease hence the importance of having wireless system regularly maintained.

SPL Ballina wireless alarm system are the most common choose for residential properties, and due to their WIFI ability they can often offer more functionality.  

Hard wired alarm systems are connected to the control panel through a network of wires inside of the building, which is then then connected to your landline.

Generally, they are less expensive to buy compared to a wireless system, but they do come with the additional cost of having to be professionally installed. When a new sensor needs to be added or removed, again this generally involves the work of an electrical technician.  

Hard wired systems are popular in commercial buildings due to their reliability and the fact that do not run off batteries.

The outcome will vary depending on the type of alarm system you have installed.

Alarm system purchased from SPL Ballina can be controlled and monitored by you, by us, or even linked through to a security or police service of your choice. The level of support offered is dependent on the level of security required and will be discussed at the time of purchase.

Yes. We have a team of highly trained electrical technicians who have a vast amount of experience in installing alarm systems in both residential and commercial buildings, alternatively, you can purchase an alarm system from us and arrange for it to be installed by an external provider.

Yes. SPL Ballina’s electrical technicians can assess your old system and upgrade it to bring it inline with the very latest security trends.

Yes. We recommend that all alarm systems should be maintained in order to guarantee their functionality and reliability. Whether you have purchased your alarm system from SPL Ballina or from an external provider, we have a range of maintenance packages available for residential and commercial customers.

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