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SPL Ballina are a leading supplier and installer of intercom and door entry systems in the Northern Rivers region. We have an impressive range of equipment including state-of-the-art high definition video entry systems that are favoured by some of Queensland’s biggest residential buildings. With clients including major hotel developments, holiday parks, residential highrise & body corporates, gated communities and local councils you can rest assured you’ll receive nothing but the very best security for your home or business.

An intercom system, also known as a door phone, is a two-way standalone electronic communication and monitoring device used to transmit audio/video messages.

They are permanent fixtures predominately installed next to the main entrance gate or door of a building allowing the visitor to communicate with somebody inside before the door is released and access is granted. 

SPL Ballina stock a wide range of different systems including top-of-the-range high definition devices and wireless intercom systems.

Residential intercom systems are usually associated with apartment buildings and gated communities; however, the right intercom system can not only add another level of security to your house, but it can also make your home more user friendly for your family.

Increased Security

Having the ability to speak or/and see the visitor before you open your front door adds a huge sense of security to a home, especially for those who are elderly or who live alone.  An intercom system with a video element also serves as a deterrent to anybody trying to forcibly enter your property as their actions will be seen on camera.

Comfort and Convenience

Convenience is often one of the most popular reasons for somebody to invest in a home intercom system. Having the ability to unlock your door from a different location within your home, and to speak and see the visitor without having to open the door first makes life a whole lot easier.  They are particularly beneficial if you have a larger property and need to travel a distance to your front door, or if you have mobility issues.


In recent years, the video function of an intercom system has started to become popular for use inside of the home as well.

If your business does not already have an electronic door locking system, now is the time to consider implementing one. The type which will suit your company best depends on whether you regularly need to admit visitors, or if you’re a closed site.

An intercom allows you to see and/or speak to visitors before granting them access to the premises, therefore if anybody poses a risk to your employees or your property you do not have to let them in.

SPL have been supplying a vast range of different intercom systems to large scale residential complexes and commercial buildings for almost 3 decades, and each system can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual property. Many of our intercoms can also be integrated with different add-ons including our innovative door access control and CCTV systems – the possibilities are endless.

Why not take advantage of our free business security survey to find out how we can enhance the security of your building and your employees.

Yes. For almost 3 decades SPL have been one of South East Queensland’s and Northern New South Wales most trusted installers of residential and Strata complex intercom systems. We have been involved with an extensive range of major apartment block developments including Jewel, Circle on Cavill and Ephraim Island, and have a well-known and trusted reputation in the industry for our electronic security services.

Our reliable and cost effective intercom solutions can be tailored to suit any building requirement, and can also be integrated with SPL door access control and CCTV systems.

Why not take advantage of our free residential security survey to find out how we can enhance the security of your residential building.

We encourage clients to make full use of our personalised business or residential security surveys to highlight their precise security needs, and to ensure compliance with insurance policies.

Every potential threat and concern are thoroughly assessed at your property based on your budget and needs, to give you the most comprehensive protection advice possible, along with a no obligation quote to complete the works.

In most cases, yes. Whether you are a home owner or a business owner, having an intercom system installed can most definitely assist in reducing the amount you pay to your insurance company.

All of the intercom systems and electronic security equipment that SPL Ballina supply, fit and upgrade are fully compliant with residential and business insurance requirements and with Australian Standards. 

For specific details, please check with your insurance policy provider.

Yes. We have a team of highly skilled electronics technicians at SPL Ballina with a vast amount of experience in installing intercom systems. Whether you’ve bought your own intercom system, or purchased a system from us, one of our experts will be happy to install it in your residential or commercial building.

Absolutely. SPL Ballina’s electronics technicians can assess your old system and upgrade it to bring it inline with the very latest security trends.

Yes. We recommend that all intercom systems should be regularly maintained in order to guarantee their functionality and reliability. Whether you have purchased your intercom from SPL Ballina or from an external provider, we have a range of maintenance packages available for residential and commercial customers.

No sound? Noise interference? Our intercom repairs service is second-to-none and our mobile technicians are always on hand to help.

Contact us today and find out how we can increase the security of your building with an SPL intercom system:  (02) 6686 7675.