Restrict and control access to your premises!

SPL Ballina Locksmiths are a major supplier of Master Key Systems in the Northern Rivers area, and can design, produce and install all types of systems to suit your home and business requirements.

Not to be confused with keyed alike systems where all locks are keyed under the one key, a Master Key System is a term used to describe how we manage and control keys and limit access through individual doors.

A Master Key System consists of a group of locks and keys which are constructed in such a way to allow authorised keys past the lock whilst restricting unauthorised keys. The system is built around a master key that will give access to all of the locks in the system, this then allows the main key holder to access all areas when required. This type of system is particularly useful to landlords, hoteliers, schools and office complexes.

This means that if you are a landlord, only one key is needed to access all your properties rather than having large bunches of different keys.

SPL Ballina Locksmiths design and install Master Key Systems for a large number of different residential and commercial premises. The most popular include:

  • Multi tenanted buildings and residential apartment complexes
  • Hotels and Backpackers
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Retail outlets and restaurants.
  • Council assets
  • Poker machines

We offer a range of different Master Key Systems ranging from Standard through to High Security.

Standard Master Key Systems

Standard Master Key Systems consist of an unlimited number of cylinders each supplied with their own individual keys, but which can also be opened by an overriding master key. By installing a Master Key System in your premises, you’re investing in a higher-quality security solution. Additional keys can be cut at any key cutting shop or locksmiths. It is always advisable to have your keys cut with a qualified locksmith on precision equipment by trained professionals.

If you are looking for a higher level of security, the ultimate way to increase this is by investing in a Restricted or a High Security Restricted Master Key System.

Restricted Master Keys Systems

Restricted Master Key Systems are patented keys only available to approved agents so you won’t find them at the local hardware store or key cutting shop.

As the name implies this advanced level of security system restricts the availability and distribution of key blanks and barrels. The biggest advantage of a Restricted Master Key System is that the locksmith controls the system.

SPL Ballina Locksmiths keeps a record on who is authorised to have the keys resulting in unprecedented key control and ultimate security. We will not cut a duplicate key without a letter or order signed by one of the signatories for your system.

The restricted system manufacturer supplies to the locksmith the system under an agreement that is both legally and ethically binding. This ensures the integrity of the restricted product.

In addition, all restricted keys are individually stamped with a system number, rank and sequential generation, which can be used to track keys and design of the system giving you complete peace of mind, knowing how many keys are in circulation at any one time.

High Security Restricted Master Keys Systems

Unfortunately, there are many articles available online from hackers showing ways to breach Master Key Security Systems. The first to suffer has been the humble “in line pin cylinder” which is the basis of approximately 98% of all locks in Australia. The only solution to beat the hackers is to install a state-of-the-art High Security Master Locking System such as BiLock and Abloy Protec.

These systems work in the same way as the Restricted Master Key System, but are used extensively by private, commercial and government end users and are only distributed through a highly restricted dealer network.

Abloy Protec: Featuring a long lasting legal and physical protection against unauthorised key duplication, this product is the culmination of 90 years of world-leading development of the rotating disc cylinder. SCEC Endorsed for Secure Area Applications, this strong, one-piece metal key ensures against expensive on-going key replacement, and the absence of pins and springs provides unmatched resistance to wear and corrosion of internal parts.

BiLock: This is the most recognised High Security Master Key System commonly used by the Royal Australian Mint, Las Vegas casinos, international airports and military establishments. The entire lock is self contained within the one-half inch plug diameter. It includes two parallel rows of six pin tumblers with each row acting independently with its own side bar - the equivalent of two side bar locks in a one-half inch cylinder! Each side of the lock is operated separately by each half of the dual-bladed key. Both the lock mechanism and the key forming process are patented worldwide.

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