Better safe than sorry...

With the very latest security safes from all the leading brands, protecting your belongings is easy at SPL Ballina Locksmiths.

All of our new safes come with a 12 month warranty and are backed up with exceptional service.

Picture the scene; your laptop and tablet are on the coffee table, packed with personal data and family photos. Precious jewellery is secured away in boxes. Important documents organised in folders, listing all your personal identity information. Cash in the draw, passports underneath. Spare keys to your car and boat on the hook in the hallway. For a thief, once they get inside, the typical house is like a candy shop.

A burglar breaks into your home, then searches around, unable to find the valuables. With each minute that passes, they’re making noise and increasing their chance of being caught! They finally find your safe – then what? Most burglars are not safecrackers; they will leave when confronted with a potentially noisy and difficult task. Even those who do know how to crack a safe will be forced to spend time and effort getting in, and it’s that time which gets them caught. All safes are rated based on the time they take to circumvent, more than enough time to spook a thief or allow the police to arrive.

The fact is that the above items are precious. Gadgets like smartphones and laptops, data like documents and flash drives, antique heirlooms and gold necklaces are all of financial value and are often difficult to replace. The benefits of a safe clearly outweigh the costs, when you factor in the loss of those items.

We stock a wide range of different safes at SPL Ballina, and there is a lot to consider when deciding which safe is best for you. The questions below will help you determine what kind of safe you need:


Cash ratings represent the maximum amount an insurance company will cover the contents of a safe. They are decided by the quality of the construction of the safe walls, the quality of the lock and the number of locking points.

If your insurance company have instructed that you need a safe, they will dictate the cash rating it needs to have. If you are investing in a safe for personal protection and peace of mind then you can decide what cash rating you need.

Fire ratings indicate the degree of protection the safe will provide its contents in the event of a fire. They are essential for protecting important documents from smoke and heat damage.

When choosing a fire resistant safe the items being protected must also be considered i.e. digital media like DVDs and USB sticks are surprisingly more vulnerable than paper documents; paper degrades at 350 degrees Fahrenheit while digital data starts to degrade at 125 degrees. Data tapes and film are also extremely vulnerable. Specific safes designed for these items can be purchased at SPL Ballina. The insurance rating of a safe takes the fire safety rating into account, so this is another important aspect to consider.

Our extensive range of safes include:

  • Home Safes
  • Wall or In Ground Floor Safes
  • Commercial Safes
  • Depository or Cash Dispensing Safes
  • Jewellers Safes
  • Bankers & Night Deposit Safes
  • Fire or Record Protection & Data Safes
  • Record Protection Filing Cabinets
  • Media Insert Boxes and Fire Chests
  • Gun Safes
  • Government Spec Safes and Approved Fire File Cabinets (Class Security Containers)
  • Key Control Safes or Cabinets
  • Drug Cabinets (Dangerous Goods Safe)
  • Strong Room Doors and Book Room Doors or Vaults
  • Cigarette Cabinets or Dispensers.

In addition to choosing a security safe which is strong and fireproof, you also need to consider the various locking options available. Different locking methods suit different users and can affect price, security and convenience:

Key Lock Safe

A manual key operated lock. Key safes are often budget models and offer a lower level of security against thieves.

Mechanical Combination Safe

Mechanical combination locks may conjure images of the safes seen in movies, with a numbered dial to spin. These safes have been in use for centuries and professional thieves know them well.

Electronic Safe

An electronically operated keypad lock with a changeable combination number code is normally powered by a battery. Electronic locks use much more up-to-date methods and rely less on moving parts. Electronic locks come into their own when looking at higher price points and reputable brands. Some allow multiple user codes, meaning that each family member can have their own code.

Biometric Safe

The cutting edge of safe locking is biometric security. This is an electronic system which uses a thumbprint to verify that the correct person is opening the safe. Additionally, this system leaves an irrefutable audit trail that a certain individual was present at the safe.

If you need a certain sized object to fit in the safe, use the internal measurements to choose what safe is right for you. You should take careful note of the measurements and internal layout; safes are often smaller than they appear due to the thickness of the walls.

You must also take into consideration when buying a safe, where you are going to keep it. Please take into consideration the weight of the safe and whether there are any suitable solid floors or walls for the safe to be fixed to.

If required, we can provide both delivery and installation for all of our safes.

Yes. A safe can be an expensive investment, which means repair is often the best financial option. Also, as they are heavy, it can be costly and inconvenient to dispose of them. If it can be mended, SPL Ballina Locksmiths will mend it for you.

Forgotten your combination code or lost the key to your safe? Whatever the make or brand, we know how to get it open. No matter how challenging it is, one of our locksmith experts SPL Ballina will be able to open it.

Come down to our Ballina showroom and view our range of safes, or phone us to find out more: (02) 6686 7675.